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it's just life [Jul. 3rd, 2007|05:39 pm]
[music |"more than anyone" + gavin degraw]

not too much has been going on in my life lately. everything is pretty much the same. i've been working like a madwoman but i finally got promoted, so that's kinda exciting. armando is going to be working to rainforest. crazy nonsense.

crissy's relationship is kinda in limbo right now...it really really really sux.

there's really nothing for me to say. but i've decided that i'm going to start just living my life the way that i feel i should. u're only young once and it's just life. i was watching one tree hill last week and peyton's biological mother told her to live her life bc "it's just life" and i thought: it's just life?! wtf? as if life isn't everything? it's just life? like it doesn't matter. but then i was listening to jason mraz and he said "it all amounts to nothing in the end" and then crissy said something like "we're all living to die so u either make the most of it, or u waste it all".

[User Picture]From: thenerdyoulove
2007-07-04 01:45 am (UTC)
so do you know something i don't or are you just going off the assumption that you think i am a shoe in?
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