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inspiration [Jun. 26th, 2007|01:58 pm]
[Current Location |fontana library]
[mood |excitedinspired]
[music |"truly madly deeply" + cascada]

so it's been a while but nothing's new. i think i'm starting to find a happy medium in my life. things with my grandfather aren't as crazy as they usually are. i've started paying rent so i have more freedom now...not too much, but i'll take what i can get...

work is still pretty much the same...i've been very close to quitting lately bc i'm just so over everyone at work. i actually like my job a lot, it's the people that i work with that i can't stand. no one knows how to do their job which is ridiculous...but now i'm up for a promotion so we'll see how that goes...but if i don't get promoted, i think i will probably quit and go work at mimi's cafe or something...

i'm still loveless...but life is still okay.

although art, stuart, felipe, and i have grown apart, jonte and i are beginning to build this really cool relationship. i love getting closer to people...just getting to know people and learning things about people that u thought u knew is always exciting. but jonte is so awesome and spending time with her is never ever boring. :) she inspires me. she makes me want to be a better friend, a better woman, a better person. she's great. but i think the best thing about our relationship is that it's rather reciprocal...it's like for everything she gives me, she gets something in return. she inspires me to be a better person...she wrote a song the other night called "female" and it is so awesome. i love it. and it just made me feel so great knowing that i kinda had a part in it.

well, i feel like i have to go out and do good now...be the better person that i'm becoming. :)